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We are working to host the 10th edition of Wireless Battle of the Mesh (WBMv10) in Vienna, Austria. Relevant information is added to this wiki page and sub-pages as we go. Feel invited to contribute, too!


  1. mailto:wien@lists.funkfeuer.at for the time being. (We should probably set up a separate list, hu?)
  2. ....
  3. You?

Current Status


An accomodation update: We will likely recommend the Wombats Vienna Naschmarkt hostel and reserve rooms for WBMv10 participants there. The cheapest stay is € 15.50 in a multi-bed room (no breakfast). The Recon Team will try out the hostel during their stay.

A venue update: We have details for a few venues already, see below. The costs are (1) approximate, and (2) given for the full five-day period. We are still collecting quotes for other venues (Haus des Meeres, Brotfabrik, etc.), so chime in if you know someone who knows someone who can help.

Venue overview
Venue Address Overall cost Dates Additional info Via
Technical University Vienna Gußhausstraße, 1040 2,500 (one big lecture hall) only during lecture free periods http://etit.tuwien.ac.at/home/ Paul
Werk X ("Kabelwerk") Oswaldgasse 35A, 1120 8,000 10.-15.04.2017 http://werk-x.at; accept/decline until 04.11.2016! Albert
University of Vienna Währinger Straße 29, 1090 3,000 only during lecture free periods https://cs.univie.ac.at/ Albert
Volkskundemuseum Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 3,500 no available dates known yet http://www.volkskundemuseum.at/ Paul/Clemens

Other than that, we draft an outline for what to show to and discuss with the Recon Team when they are here. Expect more updates soon.


We are checking out venues! In order to preselect, we (albeit arbitrarily) assume/require that

  • we have a budget of at most € 10,000 to spend on renting space
  • the event lasts 5 days
  • 100 people participate
  • we need 2 rooms and at least 100 m^2 for the bigger one
  • obviously with tables, chairs, video projectors, Internet connectivity, PA
  • proximity to public transportation.

Our current longlist has nine venues that meet the criteria, and five more that need additional research with respect to costs, availability, etc.

Please add your ideas if you know of places that meet the criteria! (The budgetary limit is € 2,000 per day overall, or € 20 per person per day.)


The reconnaissance mission will visit Vienna from Nov 9 to Nov 12, 2016. We organize a venue and check out possible accommodation options until then. If you have good ideas for where in Vienna WBMv10 should take place (and, ideally, contacts to those places), please let us know!


We have a Doodle for the recon mission (Oct 19 - Nov 12 timeframe).


Nothing is decided yet! At the first pre-reconnaissance meeting, the mentor team listed their wishes, suggestions, and requirements for WBM, based on their experience with earlier editions. We are working on checking possible venues and accommodation now to make Vienna a realistic candidate location.

Pre-Recon Meeting #1, 2016-08-23, 15:00

Note: I'm not sure we may publish the meeting minutes in full, so I'll just quote the things that are obviously publishable.

  • requirements -- 80-100 people, hack- and talk room + workshop room, non profit low budget community organized event
  • dates will be decided through a doodle, date candidates will be selected and doodle will be started at the recon event. Event should happen around April/May 2017
  • discussed task list briefly - as always, this is a community event so we want remote people to help too.
  • entity to handle financial things (invoices, accommodation, etc) is still to be found
  • we would like to organize hotel group booking as the previous years

Next steps:

  • We will have a recon mission end of october/beginning of november - I will send a doodle to decide on the date. The recon team will go to Vienna and check out venues, hotels, and nice places. :)
  • If you know any other activists, hackers, communities or hackerspaces, please connect them up with us so we can possibly meet them too!
  • Vienna crew will check out venues and locations and ask for financial handling organizations