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<span style="color:#ff0000">'''This is just an idea, nothing agreed on, nothing to act on.'''</span>
{{WarnBox |This is just an idea, nothing agreed on, nothing to act upon.}}

== Goal ==
== Goal ==

Version vom 20. November 2016, 17:21 Uhr

This is just an idea, nothing agreed on, nothing to act upon.


Since Ubiquity started locking down their boot loaders, Funkfeuer has been lacking a cheap outdoor device that integrates an antenna and runs LEDE. MikroTik's LHG5 seems like an interesting alternative: it's based on the already supported AR9344 chipset, competitively priced at ~ EUR 55. What's lacking are some patches, making the device fully supported by LEDE.

Usually, boards like these would be made compatible sooner or later. We want to create an incentive to prioritize this task and at the same time recognize the developer's work by offering a cash bounty in addition to the required hardware. Does this sound like the ideal job for you? Please read on!

Your deliverables

  • Full integration of the board with LEDE. This includes:
    • Device boots LEDE without any external dependencies (apart from pwer) or interaction
    • Storage is fully supported, accessible and usable
    • The Ethernet port is fully working at 100 Mb/s full-duplex
    • The integrated WLAN is fully working and achieves reasonable transmission rates for this kind of device
    • The system runs stable, i.e., it doesn't freeze or reboot spontaneously; this also applies to the nework interfaces' operation
    • Integrated LEDs and the serial interface are supported
    • Upgrading works using LEDE's standard procedures supporting both sysupgrade/factory upgrades
  • Documentation (TOH style) of the hardware, compatibility, installation instructions and any caveats found
  • Integration of the LHG5 into LEDE's build process so images can be built based on device selection
  • An LHG5 running MikroTik's stock firmware can be initially flashed with LEDE via Ethernet without the need to open the device, using one of these methods:
    • a) Through MikroTik's web interface (preferred option)
    • b) Using another standard method (e.g., PXE boot, FTP upload, ...)
    • c) Using a non-standard method via Ethernet (least preferred, but acceptable)
  • Completion within two months from receipt of the hardware (can do it faster? see for an additional bonus below!)
  • An official invoice in the payable amount at the end of the project
  • Contribution of your work (code, documentation, photos, ...) to the LEDE project, licensed under LEDE's current license

Speed bonus

This one is easy: if you complete above work within one month from the receipt of the hardware, we will award an additional EUR y.

Our offer

  • EUR x for the completion of the main task, an additional EUR y for meeting the speed bonus.
  • One new MikroTik LHG5 shipped to you. We cover shipping, you are responsible for any customs. The device will be yours, you can keep it after completing the job. Regard this as our advance in trust.
  • You keep the credits for your work (i.e., you are the author, we just would like to have a "sponsored by" notice added)
  • Funkfeuer is a long-standing, reputable and well-known wireless mesh-networking community. We are a registered society in Austria (ZVR 814804682) with a VAT ID.

What we are looking for

  • Proven track record with LEDE, especially with experience in HW integration
  • Proven ability to complete software projects, and to complete them in time
  • IBAN-addressable bank account where we can transfer the money to (not required but preferred)
  • A postal address within the EU where we can ship the LHG5 to, so we can avoid customs-related delay and cost (not required but preferred)
  • Ability to communicate in English or German using email, phone, and video chat


This is the usual fine print. Nobody likes it but we think it makes sense to make sure we're on the same page. We all have seen software projects go down the drain because the involved parties had varying expectations.

  • We will offer this bounty as a contract for work ("Werkvertrag" in Austrian legislation). This means that you will provide the work as a self-employed freelancer, using your own resources working whereever and whenever you like. We only care about the deliverables being delivered in time.
  • Out of the set of applicants, we will select one candidate and set up an agreement. We won't disclose or discuss our decision-making process.
  • The work counts as completed as soon as:
    1. patches have been committed to LEDE's trunk (and accepted) and
    2. an image based on this (ammended) trunk and the standard LEDE build environment for LHG5 has been provided and
    3. an invoice compliant with Austrian regulations has been provided.
  • We won't consider partial results. It's all or nothing, i.e., your work has to meet 100% of the above requirements.
  • If the work isn't completed within the agreed time period of two months, we will wait for up to another month. The payable amount will be deduced by 20% in that case.
  • If the work still isn't completed after three months, the contract will be regarded as unfulfilled and will be canceled. No payment will be made in this case (apart from the sponsored hardware).
  • Funkfeuer will pay the final amount within two weeks after receipt of the invoice.
  • You agree that we publish your name (and/or nickname) as the contractor for this work as well as the progress and outcome of this project. This also applies in case you don't finish the work in time/at all.
  • We agree on Austrian law and Vienna as the place of jurisdiction. This is just for the record, we definitely want this project to be fun and hassle-free.


Please drop us an email at along with some good reasons why you are the right guy. We will get in touch with you then.